Friday, January 2, 2009

Greedy Australian/New Zealand Fisherman

Sadly, the trade for shark fining is still strong in Australia.

According to confidential Department of Primary Industries(DPI)government documents, shark finning in Australia is up 500 per cent - despite the fact that it is actually illegal in Australia to catch and kill sharks simply for their fins(their bodies must be used and can end up as fertiliser on farms or in fish and chip meals). As usual, the 'rapidly rising demand across Asia for for the delicacy' is to blame for this increase.

At the same time the DPI are struggling to enforce a quota for the number of sharks caught or monitor the actual figures and types of shark species killed in NSW.

Even in New Zealand, local fisherman film this poor little sharky with its fins evidently carved off.

The short term profit for local fisherman is a long term loss for marine life, it just puzzles me how they can not understand this. There are too many legislative loopholes and illegal fishing vessels filled with greedy fisherman, Chinese restaurants in Australia need to take it off the menus.

Source: CDNN

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